Student Work

An important part of the classes is the hands-on participation, whether it’s sketching a building or designing a project and building it with simple and inexpensive materials. Doing is a large part of learning in the field of architecture.

There will be an opportunity to experiment with different materials to share your design ideas.

This model was made from wallcovering samples and toothpicks with a base of cork board.

It’s simple but it gets the design idea across.


This art museum is part of the same town planning class. The curved walls were a reminder of the ocean waves and breezes that in this coastal town.

The materials were color paper and toothpicks.

There was a two day workshop where we explored existing buildings and structures and then created massing models to scale of those built structures.

This model is a massing model of a section of the Great Wall of China

The photographs shown below are a design created by a student in an Eco-Resort class. The student shows the ground floor, a loft space above and the roof with an operable opening. To the left of the bungalow is a patio for dining and to the right is the bathroom/shower area.



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