Classes Offered

Urban Infill: 23rd and Jackson

In this workshop we will visit the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Jackson Street, discuss the neighborhood, its scale and traffic patterns as well as develop an understanding of what the residents would like to see for the area. We will also discuss how we can incorporate green living/working spaces into a design and ways to introduce the users to inexpensive and easy recycling/green alternatives. These ideas will be developed and presented to the community at a neighborhood meeting.

This will be an opportunity to understand the process of urban planning and the role of an architect within that process.

We will be working in a studio environment, sketching and building models to share ideas.

What Architects Do

These Saturday sessions will describe what architects do, the opportunities that there are upon completion of a degree in architecture, the education of an architect, architecture schools and the development of a portfolio for review by an admissions committee.

pyramidsEgyptian Architecture and Design

We will look at the history of the pyramid, the obelisk, the temple and other architectural forms of the Egyptian Period and understand how they were built and why. There will also be discussion about how those built forms and designs are used today.

The student will, through drawing and model making, be able to create a design based on three aspects of Egyptian design in a contemporary form.

PalladioThe Renaissance

We will look at what led to the Renaissance Period and then study the art and architecture of that time.

During our review of the period, we will design a house based on some of the principles that were developed by one of the leading architects of that time, Palladio.

Modern Architecture and Design: The class will cover the Bauhaus School in Germany, De Stijl, the Modern Movement in America, the Post Modern era, Deconstructivism and continue to contemporary architecture including green architecture as well as prefabricated and modular structures. We will look at the social movements of each period and how that impacted our built environment.

An Airport Terminal: We will look at different  airports around the world, understand how they function and then design and create an airport in model form.

City/Town Planning: We will look at layouts of cities around the world and use those ideas for designing a town at a pre-determined location.

The students will develop a layout of the town and become aware of adjacencies and how towns and cities are zoned. The students will then design a layout for a town or city

Ecological issues will also be discussed and will be addressed in the plan for the town.

eco resort austrailiaEco-House and Eco-Resort: We will discuss how to create a place that leaves as small a footprint as possible on the planet and uses resources wisely. Factors such as prevailing winds, sun exposure, water collection and wind generated energy will be discussed and incorporated into the designs. We will evaluate the use of local materials and the architectural styles of the location selected and incorporate what is learned into the design.

The goal of the resort design will be to have a compound that is as self-sustaining as possible.


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  2. The Brosmith House pictured beside “Modern Architecture and Design” was created by Studio Pali Fekete: architects.

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