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What Happens In Our Classes

This is a time to learn, think, create and enjoy the process. Each class focuses on a specific topic and information provided by way of images and discussion. Then, the information is synthesized and a solution to a specific design challenge is created by the student. Some of the areas of exploration that are covered during these class sessions are:

The Curtain House in Japan

How we live: Adjacency of different building types, relationship of human activities to the organizations of towns and cities, circulation patterns and an increased awareness of our built environment.

Cultural values: What is important in different cultures and how it is expressed in built form.

History: How our building types have developed over the centuries and why.

Concept drawing for Philadelphia

City planning: We will look at layouts of different cities around the world and use those ideas for designing a new town.

Confidence in ideas: Sometimes we lose confidence in ourselves and our ideas. In this class, everyone’s ideas have merit and creativity is encouraged.

The Crystal in Toronto


  • If there is a topic that you would like to explore, please do not hesitate to request that subject.
  • For students who want a more in-depth review on a particular subject, additional sessions can be provided.
  • Consultations are available for students who are considering the field of architecture.
  • For classes and camps that are tailored to younger students, please visit Architecture 101 for Kids.

House in Miami