What Happens In Our Classes

This is a time to learn, think, create and enjoy the process. Each class focuses on a specific topic and information provided by way of images and discussion. Then, the information is synthesized and a solution to a specific design challenge is created by the student. Some of the areas of exploration that are covered during these class sessions are:

The Curtain House in Japan

How we live: Adjacency of different building types, relationship of human activities to the organizations of towns and cities, circulation patterns and an increased awareness of our built environment.

Cultural values: What is important in different cultures and how it is expressed in built form.

History: How our building types have developed over the centuries and why.

Concept drawing for Philadelphia

City planning: We will look at layouts of different cities around the world and use those ideas for designing a new town.

Confidence in ideas: Sometimes we lose confidence in ourselves and our ideas. In this class, everyone’s ideas have merit and creativity is encouraged.

The Crystal in Toronto


  • If there is a topic that you would like to explore, please do not hesitate to request that subject.
  • For students who want a more in-depth review on a particular subject, additional sessions can be provided.
  • Consultations are available for students who are considering the field of architecture.
  • For classes and camps that are tailored to younger students, please visit Architecture 101 for Kids.

House in Miami


4 responses to “

  1. Ita C Limowa

    Hi,my son is interested in the highschool summer program. As I read the information, I am not too sure if I am reading correctly. Are the classes conducted only on Saturdays? As we are from Asia and our kids study in the boarding school in the east coast, we would like to plan ahead. We hope to have a clearer idea of what the daily schedule will be like. And do the kids need to have a certain prior knowledge. Regards, Ita from Singapore

    • Ita,

      The classes for the high school students are on Saturday’s and these workshops are held in Seattle.

      The students do not need to have any knowledge or understanding of architecture. This program is an introduction to the subject.

      • Ita C Limowa

        Thank you for the prompt response. Since we will be coming from faraway, are there other classes that he can enrol during the weekdays? He would like to make the most of his summer vacation , so taking up the most of the available classes will be preferable. What will be the best dates to be there?

  2. There are some very good classes offered to high school students at the University of Washington in the summer.

    Summer starts for students in Seattle in late June but camps and classes don’t usually start until after July 4th. Schools starts again in September. One of our best months in Seattle is July so I would recommend visiting then.

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